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Award-Winning Games & Activities that spark a love of learning

Customers reviews

I purchased this for my 8 year old grandson. He enjoys playing the 12 different games that encourage thinking outside the box. As a teacher of 42 years, I'm happy to see him using various skills to solve problems in a fun way. He takes them in the car, to my house, and when visiting cousins.


Filled with lots of different activities to keep your kids entertained while learning! My son loves to sit and work on these games when the weather isn't so great. Keeps him occupied and he really enjoys the activities.

Jennifer H

My 6 year old cousin immediately engaged with the product and had fun trying to solve the different puzzles. Given that it uses dry erase markers, all games and activities are reusable. Highly recommended for anyone with kids who are 6-10 years old.
Krishna Shivdasani